Local technology advancements aid in health care equity

Read Rochester Business Journal's story about how GRYT Health's advancements aid health care equity.

BMS, GRYT Health collaborate on patient advocacy platform

Read Outsourcing-Pharma's story about The Advocacy Exchange via an interview with Cathy Traz, executive director for BMS Patient Advocacy.

Hamburg woman battles cancer with support from fellow survivors on an app

Read The Buffalo News's story about Lori Pohrte and her thoughts on how GRYT Health was the only place that she felt comfortable enough to be open and honest about her experience.

With pandemic easing, Bristol Myers Squibb takes its GRYT-partnered digital advocacy group beyond COVID-19

Bristol Myers Squibb’s patient advocacy partnership with GRYT Health is changing its name from the COVID Advocacy Exchange to simply the Advocacy Exchange. The name change shows that the global online service platform for patient advocates and patients is moving from a COVID-19 resource to an everyday one.

Meet Cathy Traz and Dave Craig. Connecting patient advocacy organizations in an innovative virtual approach

On today's episode of The Research Evangelist podcast, meet Cathy Traz and Dave Craig. Cathy is Executive Director, Patient Advocacy at Bristol Myers Squibb. Dave is two-time testicular cancer survivor and co-founder and CEO of GRYT Health. These 2 leaders came together last year to create the COVID Advocacy Exchange, an innovative and bold virtual platform.

GRYT Health celebrates 5 years of empowering, connecting those affected by cancer

When Dave Fuehrer was 30 he wasn’t sure he wanted to be alive anymore. “Going through testicular cancer twice made me doubt if I could consider myself a man because I couldn't have children. I lost the hormone and all of the drive that makes you feel like a man,” said Fuehrer ...

Keeping the message moving during Covid

Filling the void hasn’t been easy, but many are doing their part, including pharma. One such example is the Covid Advocacy Exchange (CAE), a partnership between Bristol Myers Squibb and GRYT Health that, via a virtual platform, brings together advocacy groups, patients and industry leaders to synchronize efforts, facilitate resource sharing and boost collaboration.

Parenting During Chaotic Times & Patient Advocacy During a Pandemic

Ryan Gorman hosts an iHeartRadio nationwide special featuring Dave Fuehrer, the Co-Founder and CEO of GRYT Health, joining the show to talk about GRYT Health’s latest project, the COVID Advocacy Exchange.

Expanding eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine lauded by local health experts

People with certain underlying health conditions are being added to the list of those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in New York State, a decision local health experts are excited about. They say it will improve access to communities most at risk of complications from COVID-19.

Introducing the COVID Advocacy Exchange

Cathy Traz of Bristol Myers Squibb outlines the mission of the COVID Advocacy Exchange, a virtual platform that convenes advocacy groups, patients, and industry for increased connection and collaboration.

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